Editing & Publishing

All books and chapbooks listed below were done under the Twilight Tales imprint. I served as both editor and publisher, unless otherwise noted.

Tales from the Red Lion, revised and expanded edition, short story anthology, served as uncredited co-editor with John Weagly and Andrea Dubnick, ’07

Book of Dead Things: Giant Expanded Edition!, short story anthology, co-edited with Eric M. Cherry, ’07

My Lolita Complex, short story collection by Max Allan Collins & Matthew V. Clemens, ’06

Ex Cathedra, short story collection by Rebecca Maines, ’06

The Occult Detective, short story collection by Robert Weinberg, ’05

Something to Build Upon, graphic novel by Tim Broderick, ’05

SPOOKS!, anthology, co-edited with John Everson, ’04

Vigilantes of Love, short story collection by John Everson, ’03

Cthulhu and the Coeds or Kids & Squids, anthology, revised edition, ’03

The Undertow of Small Town Dreams: Stories of Currie Valley, short story collection by John Weagly, ’03

Freaks, Geeks & Sideshow Floozies, anthology co-edited with John Weagly, ’02

The Crawling Abattoir: Expanded Edition, by Martin Mundt, new stories edited by John Everson, ’01

Blood & Donuts, short story anthology, ’01

Cthulhu and the Coeds or Kids & Squids, anthology original edition, ’00

Sort-of Scary Stories: Tales of Make-Believe for Children, chapbook-sized anthology, ’00

Daughter of Dangerous Dames, short story anthology, ’00

Tales from the Red Lion, chapbook-sized anthology, edited by Andrea Dubnick–served as publisher only for this title, ’00

Book of Dead Things, original anthology, ’99

The Crawling Abattoir, by Martin Mundt, chapbook sized collection, ’99

Play It Again, Sam, chapbook-sized anthology, ’99

When the Bough Breaks, chapbook-sized anthology, ’99

Tails from the Pet Shop, chapbook-sized anthology, ’99

Strange Creatures, chapbook-sized anthology, ’98

Winter Tales, chapbook-sized anthology, ’98

Dangerous Dames, chapbook-sized anthology, ’98

Tales of Forbidden Passion, chapbook-sized anthology, ’98